November – a month to be thankful

November is here!  🍂

2020 has been the year that feels way longer than it really has been.  

With the calendar flipping over to another month comes another season change for us in North Dakota.  The clocks even changed this month.  

There’s a lot to take in and adjust to from time changes to colder weather settling in.  
November also brings a month of things to be thankful for.  With the seasons changing maybe it’ll also bring a change in mindset.  

What are you thankful for?  What are some things that changed due to the pandemic … but changed for the better?

We here at NorthPointe Insurance Agency are thankful that we are still able to provide service to our community by using our virtual tools.  It’s been a blessing to have zoom, phones, emails and even texting to be able to communicate with current and potential clients.  

During a time when families are looking at their finances and seeing where they can adjust their budget, we are thankful we can assist them.  Being an agency with many companies available, we have options.  You aren’t locked into the rate you are paying.  We can help assist with education and help you navigate your insurance journey.  

We are thankful for our resident pup Remi as she turns 5 on November 1st. She’s the cutest employee of the company and we love having her visit the office!

We are thankful for some much more but we’ll leave you with this beautiful North Dakota sunset…something we ALL can be thankful for.

Leave us a comment with what you are thankful for….

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